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From the makers of the "Buford Rope-O-Matic" is the new, life-size roping dummy made of durable plastic. It comes with 2 sets of horns (24" and 34") that adjust independently to simulate different types of cattle. Used and endorsed by 7-time World Champion Jake Barnes. Shipped from manufacturer. Sorry, no C.O.D.'s. $75 freight charge .
Available in Blue, Pink, Gray & Orange!

#2305   $299.99

Qty:   Color: 


Original TY TUFF Original TY TUFF
stands 22" tall
weighs 7-8 lb.
proportions are comparable to a medium size goat

#1700L   $185.95

18" tall
weighs 6-7 lb
proportioned to fit the smaller/younger goat tyer for all ages/levels to practice body placement of a small goat positioning for wrapping and tying short legs

#1700S   $165.95


Calf Tying Dummy
Calf Tying Dummy
Used by beginners and professionals to improve speed and technique. A must for the serious calf roper.

#1600S   Small   $95.95
Length 18", Width 7", Legs 17" Height 19"

#1600M   Medium   $105.95
Length 24", Width 8", Legs 20" Height 26"

#1600L   Large   $115.95
Length 32", Width 9", Legs 23" Height 32"

Fur Goat/Calf
Fur Goat/Calf
Three legs move with lifelike action. 100% washable polyester fur. Clean with curry comb.

#1025   $109.95

The Original Cowboy Toy

"The Original" Cowboy Toy
Hours of fun for the whole family. Comes with two ropes and rubberband for the back legs. Made of durable, tough plastic. 5"        horn span, 6" tall, 14" long.
#2410  Black  Qty:   $28.95 ea

#2411   Colored  Qty:   $30.95 ea

 The Original Steer Head
"The Original" Steer Head
Ideal for training and practice. 25" horn span. Made with tough, molded plastic. Complete with prongs to insert into a bale of hay. 10 year guarantee. Comes in black, blue, yellow, red, pink, & lime green.

#2401 (Black Head)  $29.95 Qty:

Colored Heads   $29.95 Qty:

Rigged Handi Horns
Rigged Handi Horns
21" horn spread. Fits 400-600 pound muley cattle. Made with tough, molded plastic.

#2420   $63.95 each

#2421   $61.95 12 or more

The Original Calf Head
"The Original" Calf Head
Ideal for practice. Made of tough, molded plastic. Complete with prongs to insert into a bale of hay. Comes in black, blue, red, pink, & lime green

#2402 (Black Head)    $29.95 Qty:

Colored Heads   $29.95 Qty:

Gold Buckle Roping SeriesGold Buckle Roping Series
All roping cattle are different, and you never know what you will draw at your next roping or rodeo. Unique dovetail system allows quick and easy head changes. Just slide and snap another head in place for a new challenge. The neck gives you realistic practice as well. When you draw a bad steer you will sometimes need to rope him around the neck. Now you have that option on your dummy.

#2300 Base & hay bale spikes $24.99  Qty:

Modular Head System Options

Note: Must Order Base #2300 With Purchase Of First Head. The base is sold separately.

Classic Mexican steer. 24" hornspread. Intermediate ropers.

   Tipped corriente   $28.99 Qty:

37" hornspread. Great for advanced ropers.

#2302   Watusi   $28.99  Temporarily Out Of Stock

19" hornspread. Great for learning how not to hickey the horns. Recommended for kids and beginner ropers.
#2303   Young steer    $28.99  Qty:

With this unique head and neck, calf ropers will get the most accurate practice system available today. Ideal for calf ropers and team ropers roping mulies.
#2304   Calf head    $28.99  Qty:



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